Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bunaken is beautiful

I previously covered some major cities in indonesia, and review a little about the place of tourism in the country. now I will try to share your time exploring my INDONESIA. I will not want a campaign, but I really can not avoid, and I not only acknowledge that if in indonesia have a lot of places are very beautiful and stunning! that no less from other countries will in the world.
one of the islands other than Bali, there are several islands in indonesia that offers its beauty, and it is one of theBUNAKEN!

and in this article I will share a little story to you, on its beautiful BUANKEN.
at first you may wonder in the heart, se beautiful BUNAKENwhether it? hahaha do not you?? How can I know your mind (or quasi I know) because I was initially curious about the taste so great, when my friend told about the beauty of BUNAKEN. because of curiosity or does not correct its BUNAKEN is beautiful there, at the right moment, with my friends agree unuk holiday in BUNAKEN.
sunny weather at the time it makes me grow its spirit, and want to taste it immediately to the BUNAKEN. I suppose in the way-if, what will I do until after the BUNAKEN, because I did not know about the situation there. after some time it arrived and my friends where we heading. BUNAKEN I come,that is the first word after I treadle in the land ofBUNAKEN. me and friends rushing directly to the lodging that is our message. after I reached the lodge, my friends and not a waste of time again, we go directly to the tourism object in! incredible! what I describe in this paper may not be 100% can describe the beauty of BUNAKEN. its beautiful beaches, the blue sea, and air is fresh, as if I was in heaven the world ....

huuuh ... it is my experience a little time to visit BUNAKEN. now, if you are interested to visit it? you please visit and taste the nuance of the beauty that has long been looking for you ... good luck hohoho

regard ..

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