Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Indonesia history

Regard ..

I will try to bring you a little break for the first and open the memory that has been so long, we save it as something very valuable lessons and a very-very useful for us all. we all remember how the founder of the country along with fighter indonesia people, with the brave
there is no fear without also recognize tired.

so how the size of the contribution of the mind and give in by the heroes and the people founder of the country INDONESIA RAYA 'beloved, with sincere feeling of their struggle to defend the self and the country agreed to get one word "MERDEKA"!

may we all know and recognize one of the founders of this nation, he is a more Ir.soekarno know as' Bung Karno '.
He was born in the country is in indonesia was war, and with a sense of nationalism is that high, he and his friends that one understand the mind and the spirit of struggle to get independence from their colonizers. (sorry I did not include the names of the heroes who other because this article only to note the contents of my blog, not to review the detail about the independence of Indonesia)

one that should be mandatory for us and remember, as good citizens and uphold the state INDONESIA this week is the big people INDONESIA time we proclaim our independence to the world! on 17 August 1945, as we all eventually INDONESIA people can breathe free air and breathe freely participate without imperialist intervention that has the long memory of the freedom to shackle us all.

may be only that I can write in this article. if there is a shortage or errors in this paper I apologize and please be advised. because once again I say, this paper simply as a note on my blog. once again I thank you if you are interested and wish to read any posts for me.


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