Saturday, August 22, 2009


Ramadan has come, now its time for Muslims in the world to perform the obligation to worship fasting for a month. I relate this person's cirebon, I will share a few of my friends all about the traditions of Ramadan when the city cirebon.

friends may also have been heard and know when the tradition of Ramadan in cirebon, one of the uniqueness of the city is the birth of my meal with a village on the edge street.this is a tradition from time immemorial, the purpose and
objective is not to strengthen inter Silahturahmi fellow Muslims. but this year I can not follow the tradition, because I now reside in Jakarta. although I can not follow the tradition, I still feel happy because the actual goal is, I can better approach to the self-
ALLAH SWT. actually a lot of uniqueness in the city cirebon the Ramadan holy month, not just as before I describe it.example of people do cirebon when Ramadan is, jiarah to Sunan Gunung Jati grave one WALIYULLAH, who is in the earth indonesia this. they used to conduct prayer, dzikir, reading holy verses in the Qur'an area mosque kasepuhan / cirebon palace in the city near the tomb of Sunan Gunung Jati.
But For me Ramadan is a month full of blessings, because in this month of holy Ramadan we always be more loyal in the worship, because it is an obligation for us as Muslims.

with a sense of respect, I speak for all Muslims and blogger friends (Muslim)
"SELAMAT MENUNAIKAN IBADAH PUASA"hopefully in the Ramadan holy month, we give the strength to be able to perform the worship for the Islamic obligation. let's together maintain sanctity of the month of Ramadhan as well as possible.


Ali Munandar said...

selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa

Bang Del said...

Today I wish you, your family, and all Muslim communities here in the Indonesia Raya and through out the world, my sincerest best wishes for this the sacred month of Ramadhan.

Adhieth said...

marhaban ya ramadhan