Thursday, December 17, 2009

The beautiful beach in Asu Island - Nias -Indonesia raya

Hi all .. do not feel the time getting closer to the end of years.if may I ask all of you, where you will celebrate this annual event?? already have plans or are booking a place?? why I ask? since the end of the year or what we call the new year celebrations and is identical to some people assume that the new year almost simultaneously with the obligatory Christmas day for the celebration (Christians).

And now I'll try to give a reference place for you to celebrate the new year and days natal.di my last writing I wrote about the beauty of the island crab around Jakarta, maybe now I'll write about the beauty of other places in the country spread Indonesia beloved highway. we will turn a little to other regions of Java, ISLAND NIAS.semoga this info helps you a bit, still bewildered to find a new year holiday and Christmas day.
Clear sea, covered in green and blue nodes up to the edge of stunning white sand beach. Blue sky and palm trees palm trees that continue to address the coming wave the ocean breeze, the scenery itself. Natural beauty that seemed to compete with the charm of megalithic culture and customs houses and other environmentally friendly work of the people of Nias, North Sumatra, which has hundreds of years old.

Nias is not only a cultural heritage, dance and historic tradition. Natural beauty of the pristine and enchanting beaches that had not yet revealed much. Nias Island and 130 of the surrounding island beaches have potential and very beautiful waves. Surfing (surfing), or simply enjoy the bare-chested on the beach sun, the picture attached to Nias and surrounding islands. Although, the potential has not been optimally treated, especially after the Nias affected by the tsunami and earthquake disaster.

Some tourist objects Nias was known internationally, ranging from surfing where practically compete with Hawaii, which is in Sorake and Lagundri Coast, and complex custom homes in the village Bawamataluo Nias, South Nias. Rites also jump and dance rock war. Similarly, there are sub Sirombu Onolimbu Indigenous Village.Besides Sorake Beach and Lagundri Beach, Nias still has some potential waves and beaches for surf tourism in height between 4-8 meters. Name the region and the island of Pulau Asu Bawa on Hinako Islands, District Sirombu.
Asu Island beauty may not be much different from the islands in the region. But the situation calm and friendliness of local residents made a number of tourists to be at home to enjoy the island. Believe it or not, but the things that tourists left behind a few days outside the inn will remain safe.

"Potential natural small islands around Nias and the friendliness of local people is an important factor encouraging the development of tourism in Nias. It is time to Nias rose," the Head of Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Agency (BRR) Nias, William P Sabandar.
Facilities and transportation to the island of Asu was still limited. Asu Island, with about 20 heads of households (families), residents, only has four simple cottage complex. Each cottage has a complex 5-6 stage housing units. The tourists who live in days there are waiting times when the right for surfing.

While the usual transport route is to use a speedboat from the mainland of Nias, precisely in the District Sirombu, with travel time approximately 1.5 hours. If using a regular boat trips would then be 3-4 hours, and even then depending on the height of the waves. While traveling from Mount Sitoli, Nias District City, to any current Sirombu be faster after a number of roads repaired and widened.

Remoteness of Nias and surrounding islands, such as Asu Island, clearly visible. Because the ocean that separates Nias and the islands of Sumatra Island is the ocean deep. While the ocean transportation is still very minimal. Various seaports, air and land, slowly repaired. This is when the potential of tourism in Nias rose after the constraints of transportation and infrastructure development is resolved with the presence of tens of billions of rupiah.

"The challenge now is how the momentum of infrastructure development and natural potential is so great that it became the economic drivers of the people of Nias are very low," said Agus Mendrofa, one of Nias which promote the island's tourism potential.


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