Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Island in Indonesia that is still natural, alternative to Bali -Mount Rinjani

(Mount Rinjani are year active volcano in Indonesia one the island off Lombok. IT rises to 3.726 m., making IT the second highest volcano in Indonesia. The first historical breaking loose occurred in September off 1847. The most recent breaking loose off Mount Rinjani one was 1 October 2004. The 6 km by 8.5 km oval-shaped caldera are filled partially by have lake known bait Segara Anak. The breaking loose off 1994.1995, and 1996 property formed to small cone in the center off the caldera and wash flows from point of view breaking loose property entered the lake.)
 Tropical As, which the monsoon clouds roll inside and along the high rising up of the volcanos Bali K├╝stenlinie, the original neighbouring island make away from Lombok indistinctly, seem have world away from Indonesia'.Tourist place of destination s-first. It actually selects nearly Ith situations of this island to the east away away from one from the sharpest leaps in nature, the Wallace line so called, those the Indonesian archipelago cuts through and the Flora and fauna away from l' divides; Asia and this away l' Australia, new Guinea, New Zealand and other Pacific islands. New developments the seen island cuts year has increase of the adjustments away from the international standard of the yearly, away so As the Oberoi, from the Sheraton Sengiggi, from the holiday hotel and from the Novotel hotels. Officials say that the lack has away from the air connections been the hand factor, which restrains tourist growth. Direct Eibe they could only receive flights from the places such as Perth and to Kuala Lumpur, Lombok could in position bring itself As, which the second beach in Indonesia develops, Kaul said. Singapore' ; S-Silk air lets the only international flight run to the island. The I straight plows also daily flights of Bali with half hour away on the airway. Contrary to Bali' S-tourist crowding and hasty bustle, Lombok of offers have opinion before old Indonesia, with its dense forests, thatched traditional villages, empty beaches and past transport - the everywhere existing ' dokar' Trucks pulled by strong Sumbawan Ponys.

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Akhatam said...

MEmang keren Indonesia...!!

Rendy-Ramon said...

indonesia memang indah..
semangat mas buat mempromosikan negara tercinta

Waqas Aamir said...

I had been to indonesia once.
If u like monuments, Yogyakarta. Go visit the Borobudur.
if u like beaches, try Bali.
I strongly recommend Yogyakarta. I could not forget the grace of the pretty Indonesians and the beautiful sunrise and sunset i saw there. Awesome place to be!
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mas acrom said...

wah kapan yah bisa kesitu....:-)

Andritea idaman said...

indonesia emang keren kan...jadi wajar banyak orang bule pengen nguasain negara kita tercinta ini

Alam adalah Keagungan Mu said...

Memang masih banyak banget panorama indah di Indonesia...