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Bandung or often in a city of flowers and there is also a city called Bandung with paris van java is the provincial capital of West Java, Indonesia. Located on the main island of Indonesia, Java Island in altitude from 768 meters above sea level, in 6 ° 55 'S 107 ° 36' E.

Bandung surrounded by mountains and lakes located in the historic center.

how to bandung

As one of the largest in Indonesia, Bandung can be reached from many other cities in Indonesia, even from other islands such as Sumatra, Bali, and Borneo (Kalimantan). From Asia, Bandung can be reached directly from Malaysia and Singapore.

Bandung period beginning

Starting from the "De Grote Postweg", capital of Bandung in the move from Dayeuh Kolot to Cikapundung The river (now near the square) and Parakan Muncang to Andawadak (now Tanjung Sari). This is based on the article "Sadjarah Soemedang Djaman Koempeni Toeg Nepi Ka Kiwari" by Raden Natanegara cool. On the beginning was the forest that turned into a small village.

Travel in Bandung

The major part in the Bandung area is located south of the railway line that crosses the city from east to west. Most banks, airports, tourism offices and 5 star hotels located here, as well as square, for a field in the main cities in Indonesia. The main road, Jalan Asia Africa, is located on the side of this city, as well as Jalan Braga, which is a top-class shopping at the time of Dutch colonialism, and now the center of nightlife in Bandung. Most of the funds for the accommodation of the city and many large shopping malls such as Mall, also located in this area.

On the other side of the railway there is a top-class residential area that is used for the Dutch settlement with the big trees arranged along the roads, parks and gardens. Urban areas are located in the north along two main roads, Jalan Setiabudi and Jalan Juanda, down to Dago hills. Government Office provinces of West Java, Bandung Institute of Technology and Fraser are in this area.

Bandung Although only 200 years old but have a lot of historic and cultural places of interest, which also does not lose museumnya art architecture and decoration.

how? interested? for that do not linger to visit the city of Bandung in Bandung indonesia.karena city offers a range of facilities to be in there like all the jakarta.anda decide, I just love menyampaikan.thank you

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