Friday, June 5, 2009

DKI jakarta

DKI Jakarta, or the more is known as Jakarta, is the capital indonesia. so many changes in the city, only the name of this city had experienced a change of 5 times with the current. originally named the city sunda kelapa, then change into Jayakarta, and the Dutch occupation in the city, Jakarta called Batavia, and changed again into djakarta during the Japanese occupation, and the last at this time I know our city is named DKI Jakarta.
Jakarta geography in the region to be 5:
1.jakarta center
2.jakarta north
3.jakarta east
4.jakarta west
5.jakarta south
Jakarta is bordered by a thousand islands (north Jakarta) bekasi city (jakarta) tanggerang city (west & south of Jakarta)

weather in the humid and hot, making the city pro trophis climate, have only 2 seasons, dry season and rainy season.
means of transportation in this city, more tolerable, for the Jakarta airport has 2 airports that the nature of its international and national airports soekarno international and then-prime halim kusuma.sarana transportation in this city have, train, bus, microbus, bajaj, motorcycle taxis up, (you just choose to live like that ride)
Jakarta is not only as the capital Jakarta indonesia but also often in a metropolis city, by people outside Jakarta. because I live in so I know its a little more special to Jakarta from a city is another, although in each city has advantages and disadvantages of each. may be the only can I write because my goals, hopes for a reading, can know the outline of its course, and my other reason, I may not be a menerang details, because one day it will not be enough to cover about this city. makes sense right?? heuheueheu, now interested to do the Jakarta? I only deliver you the ones who cut off right. thanks


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