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Surabaya or with the name of another city heroes, is part of the country indonesia.kota this symbol has the form of words "Jer Basuki Mawa Bea" was the word symbol for the people of East Java, which means goal can only be achieved with the sacrifice . This is also the main motto, especially the people of Surabaya, the city or the city of Heroes which is a description of the history of struggle against imperialist country indonesia.

Surabaya is the center of east Java province, as well as economic and administrative East Java. activities with business and industrial center and the main propinsi.surabaya It is the second largest city of Jakarta and the most important of the city, has a population of about 3 million people. From the port of Tanjung Perak ferries regularly cross the strait, the island of Madura, and flight services to and from Juanda Airport that connects the city with Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bali, and other parts of Indonesia.

Surabaya is located in the coast of North East Java province, to the North and East, bordered by the sea of Java / Selat Madura, with the West district Gresik, Sidoarjo are just the South. Topography of the rat is located at 3-6 m above sea level, but the West, two small hills of the West to East has a height of 20-30 m above sea level.
such as a city that is in indonesia, srabaya ber climate is tropical and has two seasons. In the dry season is generally in May until October, and rainy season from November to April. Heavy rain usually occurs between December and January. Normal wind speed of 3 to 20 knots and is relatively fixed throughout the year. Average rainfall ranges from 1.321 mm, and the highest rainfall in each month around 260 mm, usually in January. The lowest temperature in February is usually around 25.5 centigrade and the temperature is around 33.0 centigrade in October. The average temperature reached 27.8 centigrade.

Commercial trade in Surabaya have regulations that are important to the development of Eastern Indonesia, especially East Java. Main trading activities include a wide area from the port in the North to the city center, where these products are.

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