Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bali island

Bali or other with the name of its island of gods is an island / province, located in the countries of Indonesia, and Bali is one of the icons of the country indonesia.very beautiful bali island 'that is the quote the words of people who visited Bali.bali is also known in the international world tourism as the island is often visited by the tourists from abroad especially for the Japanese, people australia, the United States. In addition, Bali is also known as the island's population by the Dewata indonesia. Bali population currently estimated at 4 million, the majority of the population profess Hindu placenta of 92.3% and the rest follow other religions.
I really admire the island of Bali, bali offer to us to the coast to its
beautiful (Kuta, Sanur, Nusa dua, and Jimbaran), the various culture, music, dance, clothing and food bali make more power and has a unique attraction. This factor may cause the tourists who came frequently visited or other factors. but unfortunately ...
Bali tragedy since I Bom Bom Bali tragedy and II, making the tourists

both local or overseas to be reluctant to vacation there. Bali now are to restore the situation and look its already started although not significatly across busy first,hopefully it can return like bali used again.

how? interested? for that do not linger to visit the bali island in indonesia. bali island offers a range of facilities to be in there like all the,jakarta, bandung, jogjakarta, surabaya.you decide, I just deliver. thanks

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