Thursday, June 11, 2009


City is Tangerang in Banten Province, Indonesia, just west of Jakarta, and surrounded by the Tangerang District in the south, west, and east. Tangerang is the largest and most important city in the province and the second largest urban area in Jakarta after Jabotabek.

Jakarta also has a number of Chinese community which is quite significant, many of them are mixed, Benteng China. They brought as laborers by the Dutch colonial in the century to 18 and 19, and most of them still work as laborers and farmers. Their culture is different from other Chinese communities in Tangerang: when almost none of them spoke with a Chinese accent, they are Taoism embraces a strong and keep the places of worship and community centers them. The ethnic, they are mixed, but they call themselves as Chinese. Many Chinese tomb, located in Tangerang, most now have developed a sub-urban areas such as Lippo Village, Bumi Serpong Damai, Serpong and Summarecon Gading Alam Sutra.

Jakarta's Chinatown area located in the Old Market, Benteng Makasar, and Karawaci lot (not Lippo Village). People can find food and items smelling China here. Lippo Village and Nature Sutra is the location of new settlements. Most of the population are migrants, not genuine Benteng Chinese.

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