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Medan, first as municipalities, is the capital of North Sumatera province, Indonesia. Singapore into the gate of the western part of Indonesia and also as a gateway for tourists to travel to the object that is in the plateau region karo Brastagi namely, the object of forest tourism in Bukit Lawang, Lake Toba, as the famous tourist attractions and its legend, and Bath Beach, the famous marine with the beautiful scenery in and complete the waterboom Theme Park.

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There are many old buildings in Medan that still leaving typical Dutch architecture. For example: Old City Hall Building, Singapore Post Office, Water Tower (which is the icon of the city Medan), Titi Gantung - a bridge above the railway, and also building London Sumatra.

In addition, there are still some buildings, among other Palace Maimun, Mesjid Raya Medan, and also home Tjong A fie in the area Jl. Jend. Ahmad Yani (Kesawan).

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Regional Kesawan leaving the older buildings (eg building PT. London Sumatra) and shop-shop like the old can be found in Penang, Malaysia and Singapore now has in magic into a central jajanan eat on a busy night.

Currently the Government plan to Medan Medan City as City, and Food Shopping Center. It is expected that the program is to add flow and long stay visits of tourists to this city.

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