Sunday, July 26, 2009

Indonesia culture and art

source : wikipedia

Indonesia has about 300 ethnic groups, each ethnic culture, which developed over centuries, influenced by Indian culture, Arabic, Chinese and European, including the Malay culture itself. For example, the Javanese and Balinese traditional dances and their cultural aspects of Hindu mythology, as the puppet leather stories concerning the incident Mitologie Ramayana Hindu Baratayuda. Many also contain art and dance that Islamic values. Some of them can be found in areas such as Sumatra Rateb Meuseukat dance and dance Seudati of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam.

Arts pantun, gurindam, and so on in various fields such as Malay pantun and pantun-pantun acapkali used in other events in particular, namely, performing arts, and others.

In the area of clothing from the famous cultural heritage in the world is batik handicrafts. Among the areas known to the industry include batik from Yogyakarta, Surakarta, Cirebon, Pandeglang, Garut, Tasikmalaya and Pekalongan. Batik craft that is claimed by Malaysia with industry batiknya. [54] Clothing native Indonesia Sabang Merauke other recognizable features of the object characteristics of each region, among others, with clothing hooks songketnya West Sumatra (Minangkabau), ULOs fabric of North Sumatra ( Batak), good clothes, typical clothing Dayaks in Kalimantan, Bodo clothes South Sulawesi, Papua berkoteka clothing.

The dominant influence of architecture is the architecture of India, but also the influence of Chinese architecture, Arabic and Europe.

The most popular sports in Indonesia are badminton and football; Indonesia Super League is the league of major football clubs in Indonesia. Traditional sports takraw kick and cattle in Madura karapan. In the region with a history of inter-ethnic war, the competition was held contention, such as names of Flores and Sumba in Pasol. Pencak Silat is the art of self-care that comes from the unique region of Indonesia. Seni bela diri is sometimes showtimes on events that are usually followed by a form of traditional music Indonesian gamelan music and traditional art in accordance with the original. Sports in Indonesia are generally male-oriented sports and spektator often associated with gambling is illegal in Indonesia. [55] Arts, music, both traditional and modern is very well go Sabang to Merauke.

Each province of Indonesia have a traditional music with something special to share. Traditional music, including Keroncong from Portuguese descent in the Tugu, Jakarta, [56], which is known by all peoples of Indonesia and even other countries. There is also a music merakyat in Indonesia, which is known as dangdut music influenced by Arab, Indian and Malay.

Traditional musical instrument is a musical instrument is typical of a lot of snobbery in the various regions of Indonesia, but also many traditional musical instruments of Indonesia "stolen" by other countries [57] for 'addition of the culture and art music with its own patent copyright of art and culture Indonesia. Traditional musical instrument of Indonesia, among others:

* Angklung
* Bende
* Calung
* Dermenan
* Gamelan
* Gandang Tabuik
* Drum Bali

* Karo kettledrum
* Drum Melayu
* Gong Kemada
* Gong Lambus
* Jidor
* Harp flute
* Kendang Java


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Indonesia emang keren banget ..
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