Saturday, July 25, 2009

Election 2009, A New History of Indonesia

SBY-Boediono Menang! ...

Sby-Boediono The winner's

General Elections Commission (KPU) announced the acquisition last vote recapitulation pilpres 2009. Obtaining a sound pair of SBY-Boediono reached 60.8 percent.
"Results pilpres recapitulation we are formally set with the word alhamdulillah," said KPU Chairman Abdul Hafiz Anshary in KPU office, Jl Imam Bonjol, Central Jakarta, Saturday (25/7/2009).

In summary the results read by KPU member, Andi Nurpati, the pair of SBY-Boediono get 60.80 percent or 73,874,562 valid votes.
Megawati, Prabowo pair got 32,548,105 or 26.79 percent. Jusuf Kalla pair of Wiranto-15081814 or 12:41 per cent. Total valid votes recapitulated by the KPU reached 121,504,481.

Before reading the results total, Andi reveal sound acquisition in all provinces. Among others in Jakarta get 1 pair 1028227, 3543472 got 2 pair, 3 pair get 464,257.
After that, all KPU members and officials involved signed a sign-news summary of the event will be submitted to each pair.

Mega-Pro refuse sign determination Pilpres Results

Capres and Cawapres Megawati and Prabowo Subianto Absent attend events Determination recapitulation results Pilpres 2009. Represented Gayus Lumbuun, Mega-Prabowo sign Rejecting The news summary of events Pilpres.

KPU Chairman Abdul Hafiz Ashary menyambangi each Capres Cawapres to receive Pilpres The summary results in the KPU Building, Jalan Imam Bonjol, Central Jakarta, Friday (25/7/2009).

"Because there are legal issues that have not been resolved and we will continue to proceed, we Menolak to sign the summary results Pilpres this," said Chairman of the Advocacy Team Mega-Prabowo, Gayus Lumbuun.

Gayus a white shirt and red is accompanied Firman Jaya Daeli and Arif Wibowo.

Jk-Wiranto Present at the KPU

Couples Jusuf Kalla (JK)-Wiranto came first pair of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. brown batik shirt, they look clean.

Once arrived at the General election commission (KPU) Jalan Imam Bonjol, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Thursday (25/7/2009) pair number three series that directly greet all who attend with a hand wave. Both also greet each other warmly with all members of KPU.

SBY Boediono hours and arrived 15 minutes later, the JK is to sit and stand more about SBY. Both also shake.

Wiranto also follow what the JK. Not long after the event Pilpres The results also begin in 2009.


we can see over the incident, how the situation in our country in indonesia is the beloved, is still only so many things that need to be correct. some of the system, or the other. In fact, this is very commonplace in the political world, but would that matter if you like This does not happen, because we are sure it is electrical current, I never received the results, because people are waiting for changes in indonesia is the better of the previous, do not it's their goal (to make indonesia become better people and to supply fair se - adilnya) but the fact is, they still are, the effect of its power snatch.

I ask the people of indonesia "anyone leaders of this nation, do not remember anymore wasted the people's trust has been given"


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