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Maestro Painting In Indonesia Part - 1


Basoeki Abdullah. Front of the name "oe", Van Ophuijsen old spelling, the name behind it while using the spelling Soewandi. Such as spelling his name, painted across the maestro, and close to, the two leaders of a different direction Indonesia, Soekarno and Soeharto.

He is the descendant of priyayi. Her grandfather figure movement, Dr Wahidin Sudirohusodo. His father is Abdullah Surio Subroto, naturalist painter dancers at once. From his father, he began to recognize art and painting. Since five, Basoeki already started drawing on paper and canvas. His mother, Raden Ajeng Sukarsih, relatives Kasunanan Solo.

Basoeki at the time of the New Order often remembered as the pet always wear a hat, wear, and pro-big glasses of thick lenses is approximately half a centimeter.themes in usung by Basoeki, began painting portraits, figures, scenes of nature, until the paper comes from mythology. Value is the most major, curator Mikke Susanto write in the catalog, can make a comparison between the paintings and works of painters Basoeki-European painter. Mikke business through the comparison, we can know that the painting was inspired by Basoeki many other painters.

Some Basoeki works, such as the World Changes and Changes of Life, showing the animal world, such as that carried similar Raden Saleh. Basoeki, said Mikke, more naturalistic, while Raden Saleh symbolic. When using the Raden Saleh to the animal symbol of the people (bison) to European countries (the lion), Basoeki more weight kegelisahannya about species that are in the verge of extinction.

Many paintings also Basoeki Abdullah dramatic, inspired by English painter, John Martin (1789-1854). If the center painting How wrath of God, which are collections of Presidential Palace. Painting that depicts the earth split. Clouds and sky appear to vibrate. The earth split, while the loop-loop and man bergelimpangan dying.

According to Agus Dermawan T., as quoted Mikke, this paper Basoeki paintings inspired by the Great Day of His Wrath of the 1853 John Martin. Basoeki, according to Agus, not alone affected this painting. Painter of the world, such as Glenn Brown, also affected this painting. Dramatic atmosphere ala John Martin also appears on the paper Basoeki: Gatotkaca and Antasena with Sembadra. Paintings that show the piece of imagination mythology Mahabharata. We see water and fire, painted with the glow effect of frightening. But this is also similar to the Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the work of Martin for 1852.

Elegancy also a natural concern that the Basoeki-Nyai Roro Kidul as a mother. Works of the exotic element of many such dikoleksi Soekarno. At that time, as the new state leader, Soekarno colleagues also showed progress in the art ranah. Paintings often in Boyong Basoeki abroad for display. Soekarno even come at their own Basoeki collection exhibited in Japan.

Many leaders of other countries by Basoeki painted. In the countries of the near future, such as Brunei Darussalam and Thailand, Basoeki often depict the king until daughter-daughter. We can see the "series" painting portraits of the leaders in the exhibition. "I like this portrait of a tie," said a visitor named Yudia, that his mother had been the first model Basoeki painting.

One wall is dominated even the National Gallery painting series leader Movement Non-Blok. In 1992, Soeharto was Basoeki request to paint portraits of the leaders who gathered for a conference in the country. One painting me majang their faces, with Soeharto as its central. Size Soeharto also face greater than the other.

During his career as a painter, rather Basoeki compete with Sindoedarsono Soedjojono (1913-1985), pioneer modern Indonesian painting. Soedjojono, since 1930-an, not a criticism Basoeki nationalist as they often depict scenes of nature and beautiful women (many Basoeki painting naked women, which is now stored in special rooms at the State Palace in Bogor).

Enmity both ended in Ancol. In 1985, the Ir Ciputra combine with Soedjojono Basoeki, Affandi also, in the exhibition together. Meeting nearly three maestro was canceled because Basoeki not suddenly come to his lodgings at Putri Duyung Cottage. But on March 25, at 10 am, Basoeki appear in Ancol. His arrival was even greeted by the Ciputra, which certainly was pulsatile. Third maestro had painted the picture with the pro wide smile on their face.

Soedjojono died several months later. Basoeki, who was born on 25 January 1915, still stand up to the age of 78 years. He died on 5 November 1993 were killed as a thief who sneak into the house. On that day, at night, a thief named Amirudin Al-Nanda-garden which is a fitter self-sneak in to the room to the master maraud hours collection Basoeki. Basoeki surprised when I saw it. Amirudin panic and reach rifle barrel length Basoeki property displayed on the wall, then pummel them to master the body.

we can see that the gun Basoeki life. We can also see some of the rest of the collection of glass diincar by the skeleton. Basoeki all live in a nice-looking on the left, in the beautiful indra, and romantic. "I do not want to betray the flow of large (which extol the beauty)," he said at a time. However, the end of his life someone who is exotic in a way that barbarian. I recount here only a glimpse of one of the maestro painting in the land of its lack of raya.untuk indonesia I apologize. thank you

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indo15 said...

ya,dia salah satu maestro yg pernah dilahirkan di ibu pertiwi ini,penuh talenta dan skill yang bagus.berpenampilan sederhana dan pinya ciri khas tersendiri walau kematiannya ngga wajar angkt 10 jari buat almarhum .salam indonesia damai.

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good post and very nice pictures

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good article...thanks

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he is one of the best Indonesian maestro.. really nice that someone wants to write about him,we must respect him.. please comment to my posting too?? my blogdo follow

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good art article..
i like the dancer's painting

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