Monday, August 10, 2009

Culture And Art of Jakarta-Betawi

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I do not have long to write this on my blog, almost a week because my job is very busy with my other, I know bloggers can not be bred. I now wish to write very large.
before I write about characters who are known by the people in indonesia, with works of painting nya.sekarang I will write about a culture that is in indonesia.

Betawi culture
many cultures have in indonesia, because the country is really rich with its art and culture. But now I want to share a few with you all, in accordance with the above title, I will narrate about the culture jakarta / Betawi.
1.palang pintu
Wedding ceremony begins with a procession to the bride to the home of men's prospective wife. In the processional, tambourine accompaniment than ketimpring also the line followed by a number of colleagues who bring a number of goods ranging from bread, the crocodile symbolizes eternal fidelity, vegetables, money, typically Betawi food, and clothing. Cross Gate tradition is a complement of men, when called a "master king mude" want women to enter the house atawa "masters daughter." Well, when would enter the residence that is the daughter, the woman will be the flag.
2.ondel-ondel Betawi
Ondel-ondel is the result of the Betawi culture in the form of dolls that high at approximately ± 2.5 m diameter with ± 80 cm, this doll is made of plaited bamboo, which can be made so that dipikul from within by people who take them. Dolls are used and played by people who take them. In the form of face mask or a mask to be plaited bamboo, and with the head of the hair is made of ijuk. Face ondel-ondel men are usually in the paint with the color red, while the women be painted with white.
3.gambang kromong
Gambang kromong is an art tradition Betawi people. Musical tradition of this instrument:
Xylophone (silofon) with 18 tones dilaras / pentatonic gamut with long three and a half octave
Ten fruit Kettle small gong (kromong) along the dilaras pentatonic octave 2
Tehyan a musical instrument which comes from the Chinese how to play it like a violin.
A flute / flute that comes from the Chinese
2 gong hanging fruit (and kempul gong) kendang, and kecrek, instrument Indonesia is genuine.
One or more electric guitar and bass as the melody
One or more of musical instruments such as the western trompet, saxofon clarinet, keyboard instruments are from the west.
Tanjidor art music that is played by a group of people. So often called Light Tanjidor. Light Tanjidor developed since 19th century after the emergence of ethnic Betawi group's.

Tanjidor consists of a piston, trombone, tenor, clarinet, bass, and drum. Piston, tombon, tenor, and bass clarinet is an instrument wind instrument, while the drum is a percussion music alar. When we went to Jakarta, specifically in the area of settlement its ethnic Betawi, we will find the Betawi wedding ceremony accompanied by Light Tanjidor.

ok guys, still a lot of Betawi culture is another, as lenong, gambus and its other.

figures Betawi
his many real figures from the Betawi is known by the people, especially people jakarta, but here I only write one character only. I am of fan he is, he is Benjamin Sueb, or better known as BANG Ben! The band is one of the leaders of the Betawi its persistence to maintain the culture of the Betawi, many of his works, films, songs, movies for all of us still remember with a certain Si Doel Anak Sekolahan.

indeed very rich cultural and art this country, we as children of the nation should be proud indonesia with all this!



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own love of art and culture

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We must proud and preserve our cultural

Miawruu and Vamps

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