Saturday, July 4, 2009

sparkling city Jakarta at night

hi all .. first word that I will say is to apologize to you all this because two days I did not find time to write articles on my blog, because they were working on something else ..
here we discuss about the time now choose indonesia, concerned with politics in indonesia are currently hot. and now I try to switch to the world that night in one of the shining city in the country indonesia, the capital city of Jakarta which is identical with its not a crowd in the afternoon only, but also at night in this city still offers a variety of evening entertainment.
the capital of Jakarta metropolitan city or a country in indonesia, the two sides have different. on one side of this city as the icon of indonesia, because all the people in the regions and corners of the country is very eager to venture in this city. like to find a job, open a business, or just for walking tours to the object that is in, one of the most visited in the park is the dream victory ancol. but now that I will study here is not about victory gardens ancol dream, may it be my study in the future.
I will now study the other side of Jakarta that some people already know and some people who do not know it. according to title this paper, on the night of the world! This is a little story from me to you all. for those who already feel the atmosphere / scene shining its noisy night in probably will not feel strange and surprised again, its another thing with which I have never know how the city of Jakarta at night. wow! the word is appropriate for me to reveal my feelings when I was amazed at one of a very busy place at night (sorry I did not mentioned the place because I do not want to have a problem). was correct words my friends if Jakarta akan it feels different atmosphere at night. I try to browse the corner of the corner of the city is the center of the city crowd. I see a right-left, many people who spent the night with his friends at his place that they are very suitable for mereka.karena many options / object tourism in the city. there is a cafe, club, discotheque, and other places that does not lose its good. different cities of Jakarta at the time of day and night, because I am only a little surprised with the city at night, very different!
If you are interested in? I will provide a reference for you who want to explore the city of Jakarta on the evening of the day, please select the ones that make you feel cool and comfortable (weekend option is the right time):
1. national monument (Monas)
2. of the old city
3. beach ancol
4. hardrock cafe
5. milles
6. Millennium
7. grand mahattan
8. stadium
9. las vegas
10.dragon place

it is a little info from me to all of you who are interested to explore the city of Jakarta at night. apologize if there were still many deficiencies in this article ... thank you ..


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