Friday, July 3, 2009

Indonesia choose

peace for all the prayers, especially for the nation indonesia ....
indonesia time choosing! that is the word - the right word for indonesia our nation at this time. because the moment we are all in With the general election, or we call the normal election. Moment for creating a new history of this nation. because this month we will be in With all the reality we choose for one of the presidential candidate who will lead us and this nation to become better than now. but that makes me confused and still wondering whether after all we choose one candidate who is president, this nation will be better than now? that is the question that is implicit in my heart and that is the question that makes me hesitate. But hopefully it's all I can Remove from my heart because I also believe if the nation indonesia can be better and back into first such tiger asia again .. amiiin ...
middle of the campaign is now live, the political strategy of each rampart presidential candidates are busy competing, Many promises have been on the political resonance of the candidates by the president at this time, but all of that is the only word that we all not know its truth.
for that we as citizens of the nation must indonesia smart, charming and carefully drop to the option, because if we choose not only one of this nation of losers, but all of us as people who also indonesia akan feel consequences. decision is now in the hands of all of us, as citizens indonesia good we want them to select one of the three between the presidential candidates, Megawati soekarno putri, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono or Jusuf Kalla? set and a fall in the heart of your choice and taste.
I have very big expectations to prospective - prospective leaders of this nation, because as I child indonesia the nation really want to see this nation become great again as first, that being considered by the asia or other nations. I hope this may be the same as you hope all the people of the nation as indonesia! I remember once again , select one of three candidates for president, and never think to be the white (golput) that does not have any choice. Time now for indonesia choose! not a futile political rights we as citizens of the nation indonesia!

And at last the need to remember by all of us, a voice from all of us for the presidential candidates (which we later choose) will determine the fate and our nation.


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