Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tangkuban Perahu

hi all, some little time ago I covered the history of indonesia. I will now review the nation about the beauty of indonesia raya .bandung the city we go, but I is not here to review the city about but I will recount a few one of the objects of tourism in the city.

may be to some people already know about indonesia Tangkuban Perahu, especially those who are in the area west of Java. what benefits Tangkuban perahu ? That is the question of our friends who have never visited this place. are right for me to ever visit this place, have a different question, in the heart, I ask when I will come back to the Tangkuban perahu again.

Tangkuban perahu that offers a lot of natural beauty, without the time we realize we are in that place, we feel things other than the other, as a different feel as if we all brought back to past, because you need to know the mountain Tangkuban the boat is very thick with legend Sangkuriang, which is always on the hook right there with his boat Tangkuban like this now.

Tangkuban perahu tour is the object of the most popular in the area of Bandung. in addition to offering the beauty of its surrounding forest Tangkuban perahu also has another object, such as craters domah, queen craters, craters upas. many more in the beauty that can be found in the object Tangkuban perahu tour.
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Bang Del said...

Tangkuban Perahu is one of the highest and beauty mountain. I've never go there yet. But maybe if I have enough money I will visit it. Like hiking mountain Andri? You should try it. I've been gone to some of the greatest mountain in Indonesia such as Merapi and other. Beautiful my friend, really beatiful :)