Friday, August 14, 2009


hi all


that is the appropriate sentence we say as a child of the nation indonesia. I may correct the anniversary of independence indonesia is still one more day, but my heart and soul is to learn the spirit of the sentence itu. If we remember at the time when this nation's fight for the colonists indepedence on earth Pertiwi this, surely we will find so that the spirit of all the extraordinary people of indonesia. For that let us as the nation indonesia united together to build and merealisasi a noble ideals of this nation to become a nation that can stand on its own, without the hands of foreigners, which is always intervene in this beloved country indonesia.

for the time independence of seconds, I gave a video speech on freedom by Bung Karno to reading on 17-08-1945 Perhaps the video of this, friends of one of the nation dfa ground water can also feel the enthusiasm of the people the spirit of struggle indonesia .. moment we stop talking about NOERDIN M TOP! (does not mean we forget that scalawag) but we should celebrate success and to help the nation to celebrate the independence of 64 years. We all should unite together and that all its smooth as in the plan ..

I hope to see this video, all the friends it can be temperamental to be more careful to the interests of this nation's. interests on the foreign parties! MERDEKA, MERDEKA, MERDEKA! Togetherness and unity among us closely, as part of Indonesia. INDONESIA WILL MAKE A LARGE STATE THAT AS MUCH OTHER COUNTRIES! We certainly can, as the symbol of pride for this country, garuda bird is the symbol of bravery and greatness. imagine all of us into the garuda bird, with the strength of its wings to explore the world .. once again I invite all friends to make this moment, the beginning of a resurrection of our country indonesia!



gavinoz said...

wow..klo teks nya doank seh aku dah tau..tapi aku baru liat videonya nih..pertama x..suer deh..
nice post ;)

Anonymous said...

Very nice post... this kind of movie will motivate us to be more Indonesian nationality...!! Great...!!

Aswin Febriyanto said...

nice post ;-)
salam kenal....

Bang Del said...

Indonesia's Independence Day 17 Agustus 2009. MERDEKA...!

picas.line said...

wow keren videonya..