Thursday, September 17, 2009

DEATH OF TERRORIST OF LEADER - Noerdin M Top, Jakarta: The police ensure kingpin most hunted terrorist, Noordin M Top, was killed in an ambush in the village Kepuhsari, Mojosongo, Solo, Central Java. The assurance was conveyed General of Police Chief Bambang Hendarso Danuri in a press conference at Police Headquarters, South Jakarta, Thursday (17 / 9).

According to the National Police, Noordin was killed along with three henchmen, namely Good aka Budi Pranoto Urwah, Hadi Susilo aka Ahit (24), and Haryo Sudarso aka Aji. Urwah was sentenced to four years the Australian Embassy bombing case. After leaving prison, he was acting up again. Urwah had been detected in the Castle Nusaphala Jatiasih, Bekasi, West Java, last July. According to the National Police, Urwah was bomb-making expert.

Haryo Sudarso aka Aji, said National Police chief, was a disciple of the late Doctor Azahari was killed in an ambush in Malang, East Java. He was an expert bomb maker. In addition to them, officials Detachment 88 anti-terror is also caught three people in the house. One was named Princess Munawaroh, wife Hadi Susilo. Although wounded, the young pregnant Munawaroh survived. He currently being treated at the Police Hospital. (BANG)

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indo15 said...

Kematian bukan ahir dari semuanya,yg tewas hanyalah sosok noordin yg statusnya sebagai pelaku bukan otak juga bukan pemberi dana,cari tau di balik semua itu.salut pada kepolisian indonesia.

Anonymous said...

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Total Muziek said...

innalillahi wa'innalillahi roji'un

Hitsuke said...

q pikir dia itu bukan leader nya bro...pasti ada yg lebih jago..heheheheh

Anonymous said...

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