Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Ketupat is always identical with the name (holy day of  "Lebaran"). But actually what makes Ketupat a tradition that is always there when "Lebaran" day? Well, below are some interesting things that happened to me can be from several blogs.
Philosophy Ketupat 
The question is now, why use Ketupat? For the Javanese, Ketupat has its own meaning, apart from name and form, Ketupat process it self has meaning and significance in the life of  Javanese people.
We start from a name
Ketupat  in the Java language called Kupat, within one website, mentioned that the tradition of eating Ketupat out (after) "Lebaran" holiday, which is usually called the day of Raya Ketupat, called the Foreign Kupat tradition. Kupat comes from Pat or Lepat (errors) and "Foreign" means outside, or freed or released, in the hope that people who eat Ketupat will return to be reminded that they are independent and free from errors, so that the community expected to forgive one another and fused together with the symbols of sin outside Kupat tradition.
In one other source, Ketupat from kerotoboso (or language acronym) of the word which means Lepat admit admit mistakes. Ketupat tradition is expected to make us want to admit our mistakes, so help us to forgive the mistakes of others as well. Thus, sin which is absorbed each other.
We're talking about the shape
In general, there are two forms of Ketupat, and the most common form is the form known as Ketupat the first lesson in elementary school is a rhombus! Such squares can be interpreted in the Java community as a manifestation of papat five pancer mecca, with share explanations and a variety of ways looked. There are five papat mecca interpret this pancer as the balance of nature: 4 main cardinal directions, ie east, south, west, and north. But all these directions based on a single center. If one of them missing, the balance of nature will be lost. Nor should people, in life, in any direction he went, should never forget pancer: God the Almighty God.
Qibla "papat lima pancer" can also be interpreted as 4 kinds of human passions in Javanese tradition: anger, aluamah, supiah, and mutmainah. Anger is an emotional desire, lust aluamah is to satisfy hunger, lust for supiah is having something beautiful or good, and the lust for mutmainah force myself. These four passions are four things that we conquered during fasting, so by eating Ketupat, symbolized that we are able to fight and conquer this. 
We're talking about materials manufacturer
Ketupat is a meal with rice content, which is wrapped with young coconut leaf or coconut leaves slightly yellowish color. One way is to finalize Ketupat boil in coconut milk, or, if Ketupat boiled in plain water, will be served with foods with gravy.
1. Janur 
Janur yellow is a symbol of rejection bala. In the Palace of Surakarta, is one of the accessories required to wear, and the shape of a long yellow cloth. This cloth is called samir. Samir is a repellent reinforcements, well, Janur yellow is the symbol of these samir.
2. Rice.
As a symbol of prosperity, rice is considered as a prayer that we were all given the abundance of prosperity after the holidays.
3. Santan.
Coconut milk, or in the Java language Santen, rhymes with the word that means  apologize. One of the famous poem called existence Ketupat .(Eat Ketupat use coconut milk.
If there are mistakes please forgive.)
We talk about the tradition of making
Ketupat begins with making the slug. This shell is usually made close to Lebaran, and made a gang, usually by the women with the fingers of the skilled and nimble. Creation of this rollicking tone coming "lebaran"and showed familiarity among residents at the time. This makes the existence of Ketupat, as well as typical foods, as well as the bond between people because of the social interaction between the existing population.


Bang Del said...

Mengucapkan Selamat Idul Fitri 1430H untuk Indonesia Raya, Andrie dan semua pengunjung blog ini :)

Cyntia said...

Selamat Idul Fitri 1430 H Buat kak Andri semoga masi terbuka pintu maaf atas segala kesalahan yang pernah Tia perbuat, dgn tulus Tia ucapkan minal'aidin walfaizin ya kak :)

**Minta angpao nya juga dunk xoixixixix**

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